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Based on the Book by Pamela Morsi

In 2007, the U.S. Economy has severely tanked. Eight people’s lives entwine and their love stories erupt in the Rustbelt city of Plainview, Ohio, when an old abandoned gas station suddenly springs back to life as a bikini carwash, forcing life-changing resolutions about political justice, equality, women’s rights, religion and most of all, learning to love again.

In-Plainview is based on the book “Bikini Car Wash” by Pamela Morsi. Morsi is the author of 30 romance novels with more than 2.5M copies sold.

Two of the central characters in the story are identical and yet very different twin sisters.

Andrea is a young career woman forced to return home on her mother’s death.

Angela is still living in Plainview. Mentally “misabled” from birth, her sardonic wit and simple truths offers insights for the other characters lives.